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We use no chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers etc. and try to do our best to raise everything naturally and with excellence. You are welcome to come out to see where your food is raised and talk with the farmers!
Know your farmer to know your food! :-)

All produce is available first come, first served.

Please be prepared to find the occasional bug bite or insect in your produce… evidence that you’re getting healthy, naturally raised food!

  • Green Beans: $2.75 per lb., $2.50 per lb. for 5+ lbs.
  • Bell Peppers:

    • Green-patch run (may have some color on them) Sale! $1.25 per lb. for 5-9 lbs., $1.00 per lb. for 10+ lbs.
    • Green #1’s $1.25 for 1/2 lb., $2.25 per lb
    • Green 2nds $1.25 for 1/2 lb., $2.00 per lb., $1.75 per lb. for 5+ lbs.
    • Colored (red and/or yellow) patch run (at least 60% colored) Sale! $2.50 per lb.
    • Colored (red and/or yellow) 2nds Sale! $3.00 per lb. (regular $4.25 per lb.)
  • Swiss Chard (multi-colored): $1.50 per 1/2lb., $2.75 per lb., $2.50 per lb. of 5+ lbs.
  • Green Tomatoes (may have light blushing):
    • Patch run (all shapes and sizes) Sale! $2.50 per lb. for 5-9 lbs., $2.00 per lb. for 10-24 lbs., $1.75 per lb for 25+ lbs.
    • #1’s $3.50 per lb.
    • 2nds $3.25 per lb., $3.00 per lb. 5-24 lbs., $2.75 per lb. 24-49 lbs.
  • Okra: $1.75 for 1/2 lb., $3.00 per lb.
  • Jalapeno Peppers (dark green and/or light green “Jalaro” variety): $1.75 for 1/4 lb., $3.00 for 1/2 lb., $5.50 per lb.
  • Parsley: $1.00 per oz., $2.25 per 1/4 lb., $6.00 per 1/2 lb., $8.50 per lb.
  • Basil: $2.00 per oz., $8.25 per 1/2 lb.
  • Cilantro: $1.00 per oz.squash-summer-zucchini

See ordering information at the bottom of this page.


Garden Samplers & Shares

A conveniently selected mix of currently available produce ready for you to pick up and take home. Several people say a garden share is like opening a present every time they dig into the sack to see what they received! Share & Sampler pricing varies from week to week depending on what crops are in season. Samplers contain a smaller selection of the currently available produce than shares. The total amount is less than our average garden shares, but contains enough of a few select crops to make a nice serving.

Currently Garden Samplers and Garden Shares are not available until further notice.

honeyUnpasteurized honey produced in eastern Kansas.

  • Quart: $13.50
  • 1/2 Gallon: $26.00
  • Gallon: $45.00

  Produce and honey prices include all applicable sales tax for on-farm pick up. Occasionally Independence and Coffeyville deliveries are available for an extra charge.

The right to correct pricing errors is reserved by Mitchell Family Farm.

Need directions to the farm? Contact us by email and we’ll send you a map!
Email: farmers@mitchellfamilyfarm.us


Throughout the growing season:

  • We harvest vegetables and fruits as they are ready and pack custom orders and shares currently only on Tuesdays
  • Call or email in your order by 11 p.m. the day before the packing day.
  • Your order will be ready by 4 p.m. on packing day. Please arrive before dusk. Next day pick up is fine.
  • We will try to assist you when you come to pick up your order, but if we are not available your ticket will be stapled to your sack.
  • Please leave your payment in the honor system envelope that is located inside the left-hand door of the cooler (west end) if we aren’t around.

Email: farmers@mitchellfamilyfarm.us Call: 620-330-1966

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