About Us


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Back in 1955, Grandpa Charley Mitchell purchased a farm in America’s heartland with a dream of making his living off the farm. With a lot of hard work he and his wife, Lillie, successfully farmed the land. Charley and Lillie’s son, Graceson, moved with his wife, Imogene, and son, Steve, back to the farm in 1974. They also dedicated their time, energy and money into making the farm successful.

In 1997, the third and fourth generation of this Mitchell family, Steve and Deanna, along with their children, Joshua and Jena moved back to the farm. Various enterprises have been launched in the years following including raising dairy goats and cows, sheep, horses, beef cattle, meat chickens and laying hens and a vegetable CSA.¬†Beginning in 2007 Joshua took leadership in the farming enterprises. His heart is of a teacher as well as a farmer and one of his goals is to help others connect to the land and to God through working with God’s creation. The rest of the family helps in the farming endeavors when and where possible.

In 2014 Jena married David Ingram so we’ve added another to the family though Jena’s name has changed and they are living miles away. They are always in our hearts and they lend a hand when needed and their schedule makes it possible for them to travel to the farm.

The year 2015 holds changes for the Mitchell Family Farm. Farmer Joshua will be away from the farm; spending the year learning Spanish and enjoying the culture and climate of south Texas. Farming endeavors will be greatly limited  this year. Perennial crops such as strawberries and asparagus may be available on a limited basis.

The older folks will still be on the farm and the younger folks will be keeping in touch with life on the farm as much as they are able to. Here on the farm we enjoy living a simple lifestyle by today’s standards and have a peace and an enjoyment of family togetherness that isn’t common in today’s society.