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Mitchell Family Farm Family

Photo by Nick Wright

Back in 1955, Grandpa Charley Mitchell purchased a farm in America’s heartland with a dream of making his living off the farm. With a lot of hard work he and his wife, Lillie, successfully farmed the land.
Charley and Lillie’s son, Graceson, moved with his wife, Imogene, and son, Steve, back to the farm in 1974. They also dedicated their time, energy and money into making the farm successful.

In 1997, the third and fourth generation of this Mitchell family, Steve and Deanna, along with their children, Josh and Jena moved back to the farm. Various enterprises have been launched in the years following including raising dairy goats and cows, sheep, horses, beef cattle, meat chickens and laying hens and a vegetable CSA. We are still trying to find our sustainable agriculture niche to serve our local community.

Living a simple lifestyle by today’s standards, we have peace and an enjoyment of family togetherness that isn’t common in today’s society.



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