Feb 072013

It has been quite an extended period of time since I last wrote a full update and will do my best to summarize, condense and compress the diverse experiences and events that have taken place in the past year. Looking back I believe the last time I really wrote a farm update was prior to my leaving for my internship at Growing Power in April 2012.

Lord willing I will do better at keeping everyone informed of all the changes and happenings here around the farm throughout this coming growing season!

Mom and I left the farm a few days before my Growing Power internship was due to begin so we could swing by my Great Aunt and Uncles house in Minnesota for a couple days. While there Mom was also able to spend some time with a high school friend she hadn’t seen in many years. Traveling on to Wisconsin we arrived at the apartment I would be spending the next three months in. Mom was able to meet one of my fellow interns “Josh C.” while she was there. A small side note is that while I was there at least four guys named Josh were working at the Milwaukee Growing Power facility! After dropping me off Mom stayed in a hotel overnight before making the long journey back home the following day.

oyster mushrooms

Joshua C.with some Pink Oyster mushrooms!

Life at Growing Power started off at a good pace with my first day to work being the day after I arrived. Josh C. was very kind and taught me most of the ropes of how chores needed to be done and how to get around the farm which seemed like a maze for a week or two! Each farmer has their own unique way of caring for their farm so you have to learn what methods need to be used at the farm you’re working on…makes for a lot of adjusting and cram learning on the fly! Continue reading »

May 022012

Strawberries are ready NOW!

The season is early this year due to a mild winter.

Pick-Your-Own $3.00/quart (bring your own container)

$4.25/quart harvested

Call Imogene to reserve berries or schedule an appointment to pick.