Oct 102009

Someone alerted us to the fact that KOAM had posted a poll on their website asking “Would you pay more for organic food?” after the story on our farm had aired. The choices are yes or no. The last I checked the results were 21% yes and 79% no.


It appears that there was at least one other spot made from the reporter’s time here focusing on the cost of organic food. We do wish we could have seen that one – but didn’t. Though our farm is not certified organic, Josh doesn’t use chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, so operates under basically the same conditions and the reporter had asked him some questions about costs. He’s been thinking how he could have worded his answers differently… but I told him not to second guess himself… just remember his ideas for next time! 🙂

There was only one comment posted under the survey and the respondent seemed to have a chip on his or her shoulder against organic products and organic farmers.

I put together my thoughts to post – they were awaiting moderation the last I checked. I probably could have done a better job explaining myself as well… but I won’t second-guess myself either! 🙂

Here is what I submitted:

If the poll question had the option of answering “sometimes” that would have been my preference. Just because something is labeled “organic” doesn’t mean it’s healthy or safe. My preference is to begin with locally grown and/or whole foods, with some of these being organic.

Whole foods have been processed as little as necessary before I receive them. Most of the health scares in recent years have been a result of contamination in the processing of the food. Locally grown means I can meet the farmer who raises that food, talk with him or her and find out how these crops or animals have been raised and see the garden or fields to verify that I’m getting good, clean, healthy food. Raising my own meat and vegetables is the very best way to assure my food is clean, when this isn’t possible, knowing and trusting the person raising this food is next best.

I do choose organic especially when purchasing corn, soybeans, canola and rice or products containing these ingredients because of my concern regarding genetically modified organisms (GMO.) These products have DNA from one organism inserted into a completely different organism creating an altered genetic code. GMO products have the potential to be toxic, cause allergies, increase cancer risk, damage food quality and nutrition, and increase antibiotic resistance among other very concerning dangers. The national organic standards prohibit labeling GMO products as organic.

If you are interested at all in food safety and staying healthy by eating healthy, I urge you to educate yourself. Watch the DVD “The Future of Food”, read books such as “Genetic Roulette,” read online articles regarding the subject, join a natural foods buying club and discuss the subject with other concerned individuals.

And, if you’re interested in seeing the TV spot again, you can see it here: