Jun 152012

Summer is humming along beautifully on the farm.

Our small family garden has produced a bumper crop of green beans recently keeping Imogene busy harvesting and canning.


The raspberry plants are taking a rest, gathering strength for the  next crop. If the weather cooperates we should have ripe raspberries again in a few weeks.

Blackberry plants are ramping up production. Folks are coming out to pick and others are on the list waiting to be called. To schedule a time to pick blackberries call Imogene at 620-336-3281.

Since the last blog post the Steve has renewed the strawberries. The process of mowing off the plants and tilling most of them into the ground just leaving a narrow strip encourages the plants to put out runners. At the end of each runner is a baby strawberry plant that will produce next year’s strawberries. 🙂


  Garlic! Delicious garlic was dug and will be ready for sale soon. Let us know if you’d like to reserve some.

We had a bit of excitement during a thunderstorm a few weeks ago. One particular lightning strike and the resulting crack of thunder seemed to be extremely close. The next morning we discovered how close when we found chunks of one of the trees in our front yard strewn around the yard and garden. We found 8′ long pieces as far as 50′ away from the tree. We are very thankful no serious damage resulted from that lightning strike.

 An orphaned kitten showed up in our barn recently. She’s been living on our front porch growing fat and sassy. Caye still doesn’t quite know what to think of her.


The laying hens have now been moved to a shady spot for the summer. From experience we’ve learned it is important to provide shade shade for the ladies during the heat of the summer. They love to scratch around for bugs under the trees. It is a bit concerning though since they are farther away from the house, putting them closer to possible predator problems.


Eggs from these hens are available in the cooler here on the farm self-serve. $3/dozen.  



Thistles are so beautiful, it’s a shame they are such a nuisance. Each year about this time we need to head out to the pastures and chop out the thistles before they go to seed so we don’t end up with more next year.



The calves are growing. Here, they are watching as we prepare to take their mammas to the night paddock so they will be ready for milking in the morning.



It sounds like Farmer Josh continues to have interesting experiences at Growing Power. A few days ago when he called he had been able to go out to one of the composting facilities that is outside the city. He expressed how much he enjoyed feeling the breeze, hearing the birds and seeing all the green vegetation. Those are things that we take for granted far to easily living in the country.

We do hope your summer is going great!

Remember, give us a call, email or just stop by for eggs or to schedule an appointment for berry picking.