Apr 122009

A while back I became aware that there was discussion in the Kansas Legislature regarding the labeling of dairy products as RBGH-free. I hadn’t heard anything for a while and I got busy and didn’t follow up to find out where that discussion had headed.

Just yesterday I came across a blog post alerting Kansans that this disturbing piece of legislation is just days away from becoming law. http://www.cheeseslave.com/2009/04/08/act-now-email-kansas-gov-sebelius-no-growth-hormones-in-milk/

I recommend you go to www.YourMilkonDrugs.com and watch the short documentary film there to help inform you on this issue.

If Governor Sebelius does not veto HB2121 by April 16, it will become law. This means that dairy products sold in Kansas will not be allowed to carry a statement saying they were produced from cows not injected with artificial hormones.

No one knows for sure what the health consequences for humans who consume these dairy products may be. I strongly feel the public has a right to make the choice whether to purchase these products or not. If there is no label to differentiate these products, how can we make an informed choice?

Below is my letter to Governor Sebelius. I urge you to write a letter of your own and send it to her or call her as soon as possible. http://www.governor.ks.gov/contact.htm

Governor Sebelius,

I respectfully request that you veto HB2121 which will, if allowed to become law, disallow the labeling of milk and other dairy products as RBGH-free.

This legislation will take away a fundamental right to know information about a food that both the companies that produce RBGH-free milk want to tell consumers and consumers such as myself, want to know.

The injections of cows with this unnatural substance concerns me greatly because of possible health consequences. Our family has a milk cow and dairy goats to supply raw milk for our own use, so we know that we are getting clean milk. Not all families are afforded that luxury. There are times when we purchase cheese and other dairy products and when we do, we are careful to choose products that are labeled RBGH-free. If this legislation should become law, we would not be able to make this informed choice.

Again I ask that you please veto HB2121.

Thank you,

Deanna Mitchell

4-9-2009 (94)

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