Feb 132013

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. … And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:13,19 Paul learned something I am still in the process of learning…being content in whatever circumstance I find myself in whether abounding with plenty or little. He reminds us however that as we faithfully serve Christ and share His love with others around us God is faithful and will always supply all of our needs. That is a promise carried throughout all scripture and one which we can stand on despite the storms of life that come our way!snow on the woodpile (2-13-2013)

Snow! We actually got a little more than a dusting of snow this time and it actually seemed to be throwing “snow balls” instead of snow flakes! Dad and I were doing chores while the huge flakes were falling just prior to it getting dark and how beautiful they were to see falling from the sky, lazily, with only a moderate wind to carry them along.

snow on kale (2-13-2013)

What a blessing it is for the Lord to be sending small rain showers along now too! Over the past few weeks it seems like we get about one or two days we can get in the garden and prepare a little more ground for planting and then here comes another rain shower soaking the ground (making it too sticky to work the ground) and preparing the seed beds for this coming season! Our cover crop of wheat has really been shooting up with the combination of rain, sunshine and warm weather!

working ground (2013-02-12)

Last year a 5′ rotary tiller was purchased for the Kubota in order to help Dad keep up with some of the bindweed and Johnson grass that was running rampant. While rotary tillers are a double edged sword (tilling causes severe soil compaction and destroys earthworms along with their tunnels which are very beneficial to the soil structure yet tilling produces a very nice, smooth seed bed) it has been a blessing to have it in several ways. G-Jean hadn’t had the opportunity to learn how to run it although she’s been itching to try it out. Soooo…one day while it was just barely dry enough (some of our heavier clay soils were still way to wet!) G-Jean and I went out to some ground we were ready to work up and after some brief instructions she took off. She tore the ground all up too! Just like I’d requested though. 🙂

hoop house

We have been making headway towards getting the big hoop house put back together. All of the wooden boards have been taken off and nearly all the plastic lumber boards are fastened on completely now! There are still several details that need finished up but Lord willing it won’t be too much longer before we are ready to put the plastic back on.

Our unexpected early uncovering of the big hoop house exposed several overwintering crops to the elements, but thankfully since they were hardier crops like spinach, kale, Swiss Chard and green onions they appear to be ok although we may loose the first harvest of the early season due to brown edges around the leaves.

peanuts dryingThis past year Dad tried growing peanuts for the first time on our farm. They did ok although we would like to try planting them a little earlier if we grow them again as well as not having quite such a severe drought to grow them in.

Up and growing now are early broccoli, cabbage and new for us this season, Lacinto Kale! Lord willing we will be able to transplant these outdoors under some of our season extension “mini hoops” for some extra early harvests!

nest boxes

Recently Mom decided to experiment with using old, worn-out jeans to use as next box covers for her hens. So far they appear to be working out good!

This coming Saturday, February 16 will be our first Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop. More information is on our website: http://mitchellfamilyfarm.us/2013/02/mini-workshops/
Feel free to email or call if you have questions about the workshops. Class size is limited so please let us know if you plan to attend.

Better hop along for now, but enjoy the rain and beautiful spring like weather between!

May you have a blessed week.

Farmer Joshua and the Mitchell Crew


Ps. Pre-Bloom Report (as good as we can do at the moment!) Spring is on its way!