Jun 052009

6-4-2009 (4)

We’re wishing for the rain we had just a few weeks ago…

6-5-2009 (9)

The male killdeer was standing next to the female this morning.. I’m thinking its about time for the eggs to start hatching.

6-5-2009 (20)

Picking mustard for CSA baskets. We’re at the end of the cool season crops and the summer crops are not quite ready to go yet.

6-1-2009 (4)

Anyque and Dot resting.

6-2-2009 (8)

Baby preying mantis! We’ll be doing our best to keep these little guys around!

6-3-2009 (14)

Planting corn, by hand this time…

6-3-2009 (2)

Strawberry season is just about finished.

6-5-2009 (21)

Caye and Tag obediently waiting for me to get back from taking a picture.

6-5-2009 (25)

Picking rhubarb. One plant in particular has very large leaves and stalks.

6-4-2009 (29)6-4-2009 (31)

Cala lilies blooming!

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