Oct 182012

Greetings from a well watered farm!

It has been a real blessing for the Lord to send the recent rains and things are starting to grow fast now!

We continue to have a beautiful, bountiful harvest of produce ready for harvest this next week! Let us know if you are interested in starting a group pick up in your city or town and we will put you in contact with other individuals who live in your area so you each can have a rotational schedule of who comes out to the farm to pick up the produce for your group each week.

We must have pre-orders in by 11 pm. prior to harvest days! We will be harvesting on Fridays and Tuesdays and you’re welcome to pick up your order anytime after 5 pm. Even the next day if that is better for your schedule.

Newly available items are: sage, leaf lettuce, weekly shares and I’ve been forgetting to mention we have a small amount of garlic still available.

Also be sure to check out the patch run specials on green onions, sage, beet greens and Swiss chard!

AT THE FARM: We will begin offering a “share of the week.” Place an order for a share of produce and we will select a nice, diverse variety of produce for you.

  • Full Shares which is enough produce to feed a family of four one week (if they really enjoy produce) $18-20 of produce for only $15
  • Half Shares which is geared more towards an individual or couple. Approximately $12 of produce for only $10.

We will also have a trade basket available and you may trade a sack of produce from your share for another in the trade basket if you desire. Please note that the young greens will not typically be available in the shares.

All produce is available first come first served.

Below is the full list of produce available this week.

May the Lord bless you with yet another beautiful fall week!

Farmer Joshua and the Mitchell Crew


Green onions: $1 for 1/4 lb. (usually around a dozen depending on the size),  1 lb for $3.00, 2 lbs. for $5.00

Green onions patch run special (minimally rinsed, nothing done with the green tops and may be in clumps with several green onions growing together) 5+ lbs. for only $1.25 per lb.

Beet greens: (a few may have baby/small beets with the tops) $3.25 per lb. or $3.00 per lb. for 5+lbs.

Beet greens patch run special (no rinse or minimally rinsed) 10+ lbs. $2.00 per lb.

Fresh sage: $2.25 per oz., $5.00 for 4 oz.

Fresh sage patch run special (may have some longer stems and be minimally sorted for dry or slightly defective leaves) $15 per lb.

#1 quality  $5.50 for 1/2 lb. or $10 per lb.  

Garlic 2nds (small or have some cosmetic or other slight defect). $4.50 for 1/2 lb. or $8.00 per lb.  Please note that it will be best to plan on either using or preserving this garlic within the next couple to few weeks as I’m not sure how much longer it will store.

Radishes: (may or may not have tops) $1.50 for 8 oz. or $2.25 per lb.

Small daikon radishes: (without tops) $1.75 for 8 oz. or $2.50 per lb.

White spring turnips: (may or may not have tops) $1.75 for 8 oz. or $2.50 per lb.

Swiss chard: $2.00 for 8 oz., $3.25 per lb., or $3.00 per lb. for 5+ lbs.

Swiss chard patch run special (a few of the stems may be a little tougher than average) 10+ lbs. $2.25 per lb.

Leaf and buttercrunch lettuce: $2.00 for 8 oz or $3.50 per lb.

Bok choi: $2.00 per lb. or $1.75 per lb for 5+ lbs.

Tatsoi: $2.50 per lb. May be used the same as bok choi or spinach raw in salads, cooked or stir-fried. This green is unique in that its flavor is similar to spinach yet grows in a head somewhat like bok choi, but doesn’t have as much water in the stems which makes it ideal for stir-fries.

Mizuna: $1 for 4 oz. or $3.50 per lb.

Spinach: $2.25 for 8 oz. or $4.00 per lb.

Kale: Vates (green) and may have some Red Russian mixed in $1.75 for 8 oz., $3.00 per lb. or $2.75 per lb. for 5+ lbs.

Arugula:$1.50 for 4 oz. or $4.00 per lb. $3.50 per lb. for 5+ lbs.

Young greens mix: These “young greens” are tasty and tender but may need a little chopping to prepare for a salad. $2.75 for 8 oz. or $4.75 per lb.


Full Share $15

Half Share $10