Jun 022010

The Lord has continued to bless our farm very richly this season with bountiful harvests of produce. We stand in awe as we see how the Lord continues to grow, produce, mature and bless the garden.

Available to everyone today!

Due to the heat some crops are maturing much faster than I’d anticipated (such as the surprise strawberries) including some delicious broccoli!


While harvesting yesterday I soon realized we had a lot of broccoli ready for harvest so I picked and picked and picked some more in order to keep it in its prime and prevent it from blooming. We now have a lot of fresh broccoli available for sale!


I also dug  more new potatoes for the CSA shares than we needed and there are some of them available for purchase. This is an exciting year and we’re harvesting the best broccoli and new potatoes we’ve grown on our farm for at least three years!!!


Freshly harvested basil and strawberries are also available, but they don’t store well so ordering and picking them up today would be ideal.

· Broccoli $2.50/lb

· New potatoes $1.25/lb

· Basil $7/8oz or $12/16 oz

· Strawberries $4.00/quart


This produce is available to anyone so if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please place your order right away. To maximize the freshness please give me a call and set up an appointment to pick up some of this lovely, delicious produce. We’d love to share some of the beautiful abundant harvest the Lord has blessed us with! I will most likely be in the strawberry patch all day, so giving me  a call would be more reliable than trying to e-mail your order for pick up today. 620-330-1966

Regardless if you want some fresh to eat or want to freeze some basil pesto, strawberries and broccoli we have a good supply available at this time!

A picture can’t do it justice, but this cluster of strawberries was too beautiful to harvest before taking a picture!


Our strawberry season is coming to a close now which is a relief in some ways since it seems like all we’ve done the past three weeks is harvest strawberries! We were very thankful for some excellent help that came at critical intervals when we just couldn’t get everything done. The Keyes family came in on one of our main strawberry harvest days and picked many quarts of berries for us.


Donnie helped harvest strawberries for a few hours one day even though he’d planned on picking off potato bugs when he’d volunteered to come out. Very graciously he said that if we needed him in the berry patch he’d be willing to help out. We were certainly thankful for the help! Another day in the strawberry patch Curtis helped us by planting onion sets while we harvested strawberries. We were running a couple weeks late getting the onion sets planted, so having them in the ground was a real blessing to us!


Gracie has come out and helped harvest and pack for the CSA shares a couple critical times when we were really pushed to get the shares together and had to move on to the next project for the day… such as harvesting strawberries!


Nearly all the produce is now harvested out of the hoop houses and all the CSA share contents are being harvested outside.

Another berry good blessing was getting to see “cousin” John and his wife Ramona briefly when they made a flying trip down to pick up some strawberries to deliver back up to their customers! We didn’t have much time to chat, but it was great to see them and talk a little as we packed strawberries into their ice chests to ready them for the trip back home!


We’ve taken advantage of every spare moment we could to do other gardening projects besides strawberry harvesting such as G-Jean’ getting back to her “pro hoe” position.


There have been several swarms of honey bees seen on the farm this spring and Granddad took time to catch one of the largest ones which landed right in the middle of our south Navaho blackberry row!


Well, it’s time for me to get back to work, so in summary, we have broccoli, strawberries, basil and new potatoes available for pick up now (sooner the better to maximize freshness) and there will be some other produce available for pick up during regular CSA pick up times, please preorder. You can see what’s available each week on our website at: http://www.mitchellfamilyfarm.us/this_week.htm

If you want to purchase items for pick up during regular CSA pick up times please preorder by 8:00 am Tuesday for Tuesday evening pick up or 8:00 am Friday for Saturday morning pick up.

May you have a great day!

Farmer Josh and the Mitchell Crew

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