Feb 012014
“’While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest,
And cold and heat,
And summer and winter,
And day and night
Shall not cease.'” Genesis 8:22″

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” Romans 1:20

The Lord’s promises are true. We can always lean and depend on every word God has ever spoken knowing that He is perfection and there is no fault in Him. God sees the past from before the beginning of time, oversees all the current events happening all over the world down to the minutest details and concerns of your own life and knows everything that will be coming to pass in the future. Nothing is unknown to God and He does not lie so when He tells us something we can depend on it.

While there are sometimes that the seedtime seems to get a little messed up and the harvests are not that great, the time is still there. Other times the Lord blesses both with such abundance you can barely keep up! The weather does seem a little crazy from time to time, but have you ever known of there not being any summer or winter? Do you ever wonder if there will be a morning sunrise coming when you are in the middle of the night? No, not until the end of all things when the sky is rolled back as a scroll and the King of kings and Lord of lords descends and the old heavens and earth pass away will all these things cease to be. Then all those who are righteous, having believed in and saved by Jesus Christ will be with Him in heaven.

Well, sorry it has been such a very long time since the last farm update was sent! If I recall correctly I started writing this update back in October! Needless to say there has been much happening since that time.

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful and bountiful grand closing harvest of green beans and sweet potatoes last fall. Wow! How He did bless! We sold a lot of both crops then canned and stored the remainder. It has been another blessing to our family this winter to have all the preserved food that we put up through the summer and fall months.

During the time for planting in the hoop houses for winter production things were busy and it didn’t get done. No planting no harvest… With the Lord closing the door on our growing season with a killing frost He soon opened up another door for me to cut firewood.

It was a beautiful fall to be out in the woods cutting wood and the Lord allowed me to find two gentlemen willing for me to cut wood on their property on shares. Since it was warm and beautiful out we began getting quite a stack of firewood then wham! We had cold snap come in! It has happened a few times this winter now. A big cold snap hits and the wood orders start coming in. Thankfully the Lord has sold pretty much all the wood I can cut and has provided work for me to do through this winter despite not having the hoop house production as we normally do through December.

There have been several beautiful snows that we have thoroughly enjoyed here thus far this winter. Gorgeous white cover over all the brown for a time!

Now it is once again time to have the soil prepared for next year’s growing season. Thus far I have only been able to spend a little time working on cleaning up the garden area and covering the strawberry plants since the firewood orders have kept coming in. I am thankful though.

The Lord always opens doors that no one can shut and shuts doors that no one can open. I am so thankful that He has promised to supply our every need if we seek Him first above everything else.

Until next time… May you be blessed as we begin this new year with new opportunities and new beginnings.

Farmer Joshua and the Mitchell crew