Aug 022009

Greetings from Kentucky!

Jena and I have been away from the farm for a whole week now – and are we ready to get back home! We began this educational trip July 24 about 2:30 a.m. by heading to Kansas City. Our first stop was the airport to drop off a couple of adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies for a friend. We then headed to the Hale Arena anticipating three days of learning and fun at a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Celebration.

7-24-2009 (2)

7-24-2009 (6)

We weren’t disapointed. Jena and Leah gained a lot of new ideas for improving their horsemanship. As you can see they also were able to meet Pat Parelli and have their picture taken with him.

At the end of the three days, some friends took Leah home while we headed on to Foristell, Missouri just west of St. Louis. Jena spent Monday with a certified practioner, Kerry Kirkland. Kerry had Jena trim a young horse for experience as well as an older horse then gave Jena tips and ideas for improving her technique.

7-27-2009 (22)

Another highlight of the day was learning from an equine dentist.

7-27-2009 (30)7-27-2009 (32)

We traveled a few hours toward Kentucky, going through St. Louis that evening and spent the night in Illinois.

7-27-2009 (45)

Tuesday we met Steve Johnson, another AANHCP certified practioner for another mentorship day. Steve works full time as a natural hoofcare practioner and has a lot of information to share with students. Our day spent with him was very helpful. Steve has invited Jena to ride along with him on his farm calls any time she is in the area and I’m sure she will take him up on the offer.

7-28-2009 (31)

From Louisville we headed up to spend the evening just south of Cincinnati. Wednesday was spent enjoying the Creation Museum with my parents.

7-29-2009 (4)

Jena got the highlight of her life Thursday when her papaw took us up to a reclaimed strip mine in eastern Kentucky near where they live. He had heard there were herds of feral horses up at the mines so we went to look for them. We found two herds and Jena was able to get up to the lead mare and stallion in one group and was able to get up to a mare in the other group also.

7-30-2009 (6)7-30-2009 (32)

Friday we traveled to central Alabama for Jena’s AANHCP Step 9 final exam. Danny Thornburg, the practioner she took the final exam with is another excellent source of natural hoof care information.

8-1-2009 (19)8-1-2009 (36)8-1-2009 (44)8-1-2009 (69)

As soon as the paperwork goes through Jena will be a certified AANHCP natural hoof care practioner!

We drove back up to Kentucky today so Jena can spend tomorrow learning with Steve Johnson, then HOME!