Jun 252009

Josh has been working on another farm update after dark many evenings, but hasn’t been able to finish it yet… so I’ll post some photos. He may use these in his update when he gets it finished and give more explanation – but these will at least give you an idea of some things that have been happening in the last several weeks.

6-9-2009 (46)

CSA working share member, Mary, and visiting friend from Texas, Danny, helped Farmer Josh lay some irrigation "T-tape".

6-10-2009 (26)

Danny got to be here to for the arrival of turkey poults! I’m raising just a few turkeys for grasshopper control in the garden this summer and our own freezer this fall.

6-9-2009 (17)

Imogene, Josh and Jena prepared a really nice dinner to help Steve and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

6-10-2009 (40)

Josh showing G-Jean his newly purchased heritage breed hogs…

6-10-2009 (57)

…and discussing the excitement of having a blowout on the truck while bringing the hogs home.

6-11-2009 (12)

Imogene taking a break from hoeing around young asparagus plants to chat with Graceson.

6-11-2009 (22)

Danny enjoyed helping with the garlic harvest.

6-9-2009 (70)

Danny’s mom, Donna, an avid bird-watcher, enjoyed photographing birds and their eggs.

6-10-2009 (16)

New baby killdeer were hatched while Donna and Danny were visiting.

6-15-2009 (25)

The hair sheep have almost completely shed out their winter coats.

6-15-2009 (9)

It’s hay season. Tuning a mower bar.

6-18-2009 (20)

Jena and Leah have been enjoying some time with their horses.

6-17-2009 (42)

One of my Jersey heifers, Dixie, freshened with really short, hard-to-hand-milk, teats. I had decided that I was going to need to either get a milking machine or get rid of her. The problem was solved for the moment though when a neighbor called and asked if we wanted an orphaned calf. Dixie is now nursing "RB" (Roast Beef) and her own calf, "Dot" so I don’t have to milk her!

6-6-2009 (4)

Jena and Leah took a vaulting clinic at Equine Eagles. Here Jena is showing off some of what she’s been working on.

6-19-2009 (3)

Harvesting carrots.

6-21-2009 (11)

My parents, Louis and Edna, came from Kentucky to visit for a few days and enjoyed seeing Josh’s garden.

We’ve been delighted with a variety of lilies blooming the last several weeks:

6-9-2009 (85)

6-13-2009 (7)

6-13-2009 (4)

6-13-2009 (2)

6-19-2009 (21)

Thought I’d add here a couple of links to interesting blog posts I’ve read in the last week… they might be interesting to you too…

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