Apr 282009

More Rain… ALL day yesterday. Haven’t checked the rain gauge yet, so I’m not sure how much we actually got except it was enough to cause everything to be really soggy.

We spent the day with indoor projects… household chores/projects for Jena and me and transplanting… LOTS of transplants for Josh and Imogene. They even talked Graceson into helping for a while!

4-27-2009 (3)

Josh went out about dark last night and took some pictures in the rain so the quality isn’t real good… but it’ll give you an idea of the amount of water we’re dealing with.

Looking east…

4-27-2009 (16)

And south…

4-27-2009 (18)

Onions anyone?

4-27-2009 (23)

Water over the road at the drive…

4-27-2009 (30)

Fortunately, when the water gets over the road, it doesn’t stay there long – it goes down quickly.

Just ducky!


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