Apr 262012

Spring is poppin’ out all over the place! This is a delightful time of year with the weather warming, birds singing, flowers blooming…

We had a bit of a scare last week with frost predicted. One morning we did awake to a fairly heavy frost, but we were able to wash the frost off and there appears to have been minimal damage. Thankfully the temps didn’t get cold enough to produce frost the second night.

One of our biggest concerns was in the strawberry patch. The plants have been blooming their little heads off and a bunch of fruit has set. We really didn’t want to see the crop hurt and it appears that there was very little damage. Get ready… ripe strawberries will be available for You-Pick soon! Give Imogene a call at 620-336-3281 if you want to schedule a picking appointment. Or you may email farmers@mitchellfamilyfarm.us




Also, the hens have been laying their beautiful brown eggs and we have plenty in the cooler. Stop by the farm to pick some up for you and a friend. $3/dozen.










The calves have been growing quickly. Their mommas are still producing all the milk the baby’s need plus plenty for us and some to share!











These guys may look a bit scary, but they are a wonderful sight on an organic farm. Ladybug larvae love to eat aphids – in fact, a single lady beetle may eat as many as 5,000 aphids in it’s lifetime! (University of Kentucky)











Farmer Josh reports he’s learning a lot at Growing Power. He’s met many interesting people and been able to work in and experience some areas of agriculture he’s not had a chance to work in before. Oyster mushroom production has caught his interest… I’ll not be surprised if we be see some mushroom chandeliers on this farm in the upcoming years.

Take time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors!